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EMA LLC Knic started with the production of the new models, aerodynamic refrigerated truck bodies and furgons, as well as of new design line on standard refrigerated bodies and furgons. For the first time in our market we can see truck bodies with aerodynamic line, which are already popular in Europe. Aside the outstanding aesthetics, main advantage of these aerodynamic bodies is fuel consumption reduction up to 2 litres on 100 km. The official premiere of EMA aerodynamic bodies was held in hotel Sheraton, Moscow, on DAF chassis. New line of aerodynamic refrigerated bodies and furgons is being exported to the markets of Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, and Russia.

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Joint-stock company for production, local and foreign trade, mediation and service "EMA" A.D. Knic, was established in 1991, as a private company. In the first years, trade was the main activity of the company and until 1993 it sells mainly the agricultural machinery.

Making detailed analysis of this situation, from the market aspect as well as from the aspect of the production capability, we concluded that there is evident need and justification to expand company's activity and to introduce production range of the special van bodies for the motor vehicles, with the fitting appropriate cooling units, where it's necessary.

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In order to increase production volume, to extend the assortment of the products and better reaction to the market's needs as well as for the purpose of creating adequate working ambient, we realized in the year 2002 investment plan for building the new production plant of 1.500m2, with the necessary equipment and the special attention is paid to the final treatment of the products- the preparation plant, so called -prep. station- and painting booth (16 x 5m).In addition to the production plant the company's Headquarters of 450m2 is also built. With the realization of this investment, we created conditions to increase the production volume, to employ more workers, for the further improvement of the quality, introducing the standard ISO 9001 and also good ambient for investment of our partners from abroad in the joint deals and exclusive production of the specific types of the bodies for our market as well as for the markets of the neighbouring countries.

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PowerPoint presentation detailing the company's product range.
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Upgrades to the DAF chassis:

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Upgrades to the MAN chassis:

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Upgrades to the Mercedes chassis:


Projects in development

In 2010. we realized new investment in which we increased in double productional capacities for, we can say, 1200 units per year. Besides productional halls we built new hall for production of panels, we bought modern sandblasting plant, dimensions 19x5x5 m, and in combination with the most modern chamber for painting of the same dimensions (which is accommodate for painting with water colours and oven of colour on 80°C) it is achieved top quality of the products.
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